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Catering Price Guide

It’s almost impossible to give an average cost for catering because there are so many variables, but if you take it step by step then it’s very straightforward! When budgeting your catering, firstly make a break down of what you will need to consider.

  1. How many guests?
  2. What is your budget per person?
  3. What type of catering?
  4. What type of cuisine?
  5. Are there dietary requirements?
  6. Will there be children present?
  7. Do you need drinks as well?
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How many guests?

Make sure you know how many guests you will be expecting. The more people you have attending, naturally the more it will cost. Some caterers offer discounts for larger parties, or waive the delivery fee over a certain order amount.

What is my budget?

Most caterers will charge per person. Therefore, look at your total catering budget and work out what amount you can spend per person. Even on a small budget, you still have lots of choice! For example, Grazing offers sandwich trays for £5.65 per person, totaling at £282.50 for fifty people.

What type of catering?




salad buffet

Finger Food


Office Lunches

happy staff lunch

Do you need drinks?

Some caterers also provide drinks, and there are also exclusively drinks caterers such as Wine & Tradition and Honest Brew. Head to our Drinks Catering page to browse! If you would like a bar then most likely that will need to be arranged separately. Most venues will allow BYOB (but may charge a corkage fee).


Will children be at the event?

If there will be children present, choose a caterer that offers kids meals. Or if your preferred caterer doesn’t have kids meals on the menu, ask if they can make them specially. You can do that through our Butler service or check with the caterer directly.

Do you have dietary requirements to keep in mind?

See if you can find out if there are any dietary requirements among the guests. If so, it’s simple to organise. Almost all caterers provide vegetarian options, and many do vegan dishes. All the menus on Caterwings have vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free icons so you can easily see what is suitable. You can also head to these pages;





Gluten Free




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