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Breakfast Catering London

Whether you are hosting a corporate event, a congress or simply want to provide early morning food to the employees of your office, many caterers provide caried breakfast options. Here you will find a list of restaurants with breakfast catering in London and the surrounding areas.

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Breakfast corporate catering for London events
Office breakfast delivery service in London
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Breakfast corporate catering for London events

If you are hosting a professional event, a salon or a conference taking place in the morning, you can find catering services to provide your guests with a breakfast buffet or a brunch, including food and drinks.

Here are some ideas of breakfast food to serve for events:

- Viennoiseries: the croissant and other traditional pastries are a classic and safe option. They are found at many corporate events and often expected by guests, therefore most traditional caterers will offer them.

- Bagels: they are a good savoury options and have become more and more widespread. They make for a modern alternative to sweet pastries. On top of classic pairings like salmon and cream cheese, you can also opt for vegetarian and vegan alternatives to please all the attendees.

- Fruits: you can offer them as a side. Healthy and fresh, they have the advantage to be mostly allergen-free and therefore can be enjoyed by everyone. They can be presented whole in a nice platter or as salads in small bowls.

- If you are planning a brunch, other fingerfoods can be included : toasts, sandwiches, canapes etc. You can also add warm dishes like scrambled eggs, crispy bacon or pancakes.

- English breakfast: Caterers like King's Kitchen offer a complete assortiment of sausages, eggs and pastries for a typical English experience.

- Beverages: hot drinks like coffee and tea are obvious options that are hard to not include, since they are expected from the attendees. Fresh juices allow you to be more creative: some catering services offer exotic fruit juices or even smoothies.

Office breakfast delivery service in London

More and more companies offer free breakfast options to their employees at the office, and some catering services are specialized in delivering cereals, fruits and juices to offices on a daily basis. Whether it is to increase productivity, show your employees your appreciation or both, free snacks are part of the perks offered by not only big companies but also small startups.

On Caterwings you can order from a catering professional to deliver breakfast platters to your company on a regular basis, wheather daily, weekly or monthly.

Order breakfast catering in London online

We have selected for you caterers with experience in corporate breakfast catering. Simply browse the menus and place your order. For your convenience, information about allergies or specific diets (vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free etc.) are visible and each menu shows all the included items.

For any specific needs, you can also contact us directly and we will be happy to assist you place a customized order.