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Halal Catering London

Halal Catering London

With London being the eclectic and multi-cultural hotpot that it is, extra attention is often required when feeding the masses! People eat in all sorts of different ways and accommodating all diets is of the utmost importance when planning an event. One of the biggest food requirements in the UK is halal.

What does halal mean?

Halal simply means 'permissible' or 'allowed' in Arabic. In the religion of Islam it is used in association with all food, drink and daily life. Regarding food, it mostly refers to the way animals are killed for consumption and that the appropriate processes have been followed.

What are the options for halal catering?

Most cuisine coming from predominantly Muslim countries will cook with halal meat and inform customers as so. However, more and more restaurants in London are moving towards halal regardless of their type of food in order to simplify ordering processes. It can be difficult to know if a potential caterer offers halal food, so let us help! If you know that you need these options for your event, we can provide suitable choices through our filters and guidance. When a caterer is certified halal, it will be shown under the caterer’s name – for example, Apadana Restaurant. Others are partly, such as Bombay Burrito and Red Dog Saloon, who both work with halal chicken but not yet beef. Hush Hush Chefs offer up halal pies and quiche, such as the chicken and mushroom filo pastry, or you could also consider vegetarian catering, like Hummus Bros. If you are unsure, the most fail-safe way is to consult the caterer. You can do this through our Butler service or contact the caterer directly!

Suggested Menu

Pilau - Goodge Street Butter Chicken in a warm tortilla with a selection of our house salad inc PILAU Slaw & Shoestring Bhaji topped with Mango & Apricot Chutney!.

Hummus Bros The Trio Levant Wraps & Dips Package - selection of wraps in Mediterranean flatbread with fresh hummus and mixed dips.

Massis Lunchboxes - choices of wraps with hummus, pita bread and side salad.

Hush Hush Chefs Chicken & Mushroom Quiche - filo pastry quiche with chicken and mushroom, Greek salad and bulgur wheat salad.

Benefits of ordering halal

Providing halal options is a safe way to make sure that everybody can eat. It will ensure that your event runs smoothly and without issue. Click the search filter to find caterers who offer halal food and if you have any questions about planning your event, don’t hesitate to contact our Butler service on [email protected] Happy eating!