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Kosher Catering London

Kosher catering in London

When organising a team event that involves food, attention must be paid. Dietary requirements are nothing new, whether they are because of lifestyle choices, allergies, or religious reasons. In short, it can be difficult catering for everyone's needs and tastes. Fortunately, London abounds with catering options when it comes to one of the most important dietary requirements: kosher food.

Kosher, taken from the Jewish holy book the Torah, refers to food permissible to eat under the Jewish faith. Most people already know that Jews are forbidden from eating any pig-derived products, but kosher goes much deeper than that. Dairy and meat, for instance, must never be mixed.

Kosher foods can be split into three categories:

  1. Dairy (milchig) - cheese, milk, yoghurt, ice cream
  2. Meat (fleishig) - all kosher animals and fowl and their derivative products slaughtered in the prescribed way
  3. Neutral (pareve) - eggs, fish, tofu, nuts, seeds, fruit, vegetables

But rest assured: our London caterers know how to bring the kosher-specific meals. Even if it’s for an office breakfast meeting, lunch time catering, or dinner party cuisine.

What is kosher food and what are its origins?

Kosher is taken from the Jewish holy book, the Torah, and literally means “fit” or “appropriate” to be eaten. Most people are aware that Jews are forbidden from eating any pig-derived products, but kosher regulations go much deeper than that. Animals that are and are not permitted fall generally into three categories:

  1. Any land creature that both chews the cud and has split hooves (eg, cow, sheep).
  2. Any sea creature with both fins and scales. So fish are fine but seafood is not.
  3. Birds of prey, scavengers and fish eating water birds are prohibited, but chicken and turkey, for example, are fine.

To be considered kosher, animals must be slaughtered in a specific way by a schochet, or ritual slaughterer. It is also repeated three times in the Torah that “you may not cook a young animal in the milk of its mother”, meaning that meat and dairy are not to be eaten together. Further, they are explicitly forbidden from being on the same table, in the same fridge or having the same utensils used with them. Kosher observant diners must wait several hours after eating meat before they can consume dairy.

CATERWINGS kosher food options in London

Ordering in kosher cuisine in London involves a lot more than separating cheese platters from meat dishes. But it also provides a wealth of options, since Jewish cuisine stretches from Western Europe to India via North Africa and the Middle East. That means a huge variety of flavours and combinations to try in terms of kosher catering.

And thanks to the large Jewish communities in The Capital, London is no stranger to catering for kosher events. That’s evidenced by the range of Caterwings’ kosher catering professionals.

Try the wealth of soups, sandwiches and salads from 1070 Kitchen, a big hit among kosher Londoners. Or try the exquisite churros (Spanish doughnuts) from Churros Garcia for your next event’s dessert table or sweets stand

Vegan & vegetarian kosher catering

With vegetables part of “pareve”, they are free to be paired with anything, making kosher a haven for vegans and vegetarians alike. One of the most treasured kosher dishes, eaten to celebrate the Jewish New Year is an ideal choice. Couscous aux sept legumes hails from Morocco, consisting of a stew of seven symbolic vegetables: carrot, onion, turnip, celery, pumpkin, cabbage and chickpeas, each of which receives a special prayer before being eaten.

The history of the Jews in London

London’s Jewish history started with William of Normandy's conquest of England in 1066. Most Jews arrived from Rouen in Northern France. The Jewish population of Normandy were encouraged by William the Conqueror to come to England, and relations were initially peaceful. But during the 12th and 13th centuries Jews suffered increasing persecution, leading to their expulsion in 1290. From London, Jewish settlers began to spread across England and Wales.

In 1656, Lord Protector Oliver Cromwell signed a landmark treaty that allowed the open practice of Judaism in England. This saw the re-emergence of Jewish communities across the country and also helped to establish multicultural Britain.

The continuous influx of Jews to England rose considerably in the 1880s. That was when some 100,000 Jews from Russia and Poland entered London, with most settling in the East End.  

Modern-day Britain, especially London, is more diverse than ever. Consisting of various ethnic backgrounds and religious viewpoints, the Jewish community itself is diverse. And it continues to be well represented in all parts of London society, including the culinary industry.

Kosher catering made easier with CATERWINGS

Putting customer convenience first, Caterwings offers an ever-expanding variety of kosher caterers in and around London. Placing an order couldn’t be easier.

1. Simply enter the date, time, and delivery address of your business/private event. That will allow you to browse the Caterwings site to see our extensive range of cuisines, caterers, menus and dining options. We also include serving sizes, price per item, vegan/vegetarian options, plus allergy info.

2. Select the menu items you want to include, add them to your basket, and continue browsing or proceed to checkout.

3. Your order will be sent to the relevant catering team to prepare the food according to our superior specifications. Once ready, delivery will happen at the specified address and time.

As CATERWINGS works with many full-service caterers, we can also organise equipment like plates and cutlery, or even service staff for your event. For any last-minute changes to your orders, simply contact Caterwings via email on [email protected] or phone 020 3308 9144.