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Lunch catering London

Lunch Catering in London

Busy schedules and long office hours are nothing new to those living in London. With time becoming scarcer, it’s no wonder fewer people find time to enjoy a lunch break at noon. But even the most productive worker requires the occasional nourishment. Even if it means ordering in food from a professional establishment such as a restaurant, pub, or catering company. And that’s how busy office workers help shape London’s thriving lunch catering businesses, and why our Meal Plans are so popular.

Thanks to CATERWINGS, busy Londoners can relish in lunchtime meals delivered on demand. And they don’t even have to sacrifice health or flavour. Whether you’re treating colleagues to an informal team lunch or feeding the executives at an important boardroom meeting. Whether it’s Italian or Indian, sandwiches or sushi, CATERWINGS makes use of only first-rate catering professionals. That means a tantalizing, nourishing, and perfectly packaged meal delivered straight to your office.

CATERWINGS lunch options in London

Two features are vital for CATERWINGS’ daily operations: customer versatility and convenience. That is why we’ve established a single platform that combines London’s best catering professionals. Gone are the days when stale sandwiches and sad salads were the only options come lunchtime.

Want to keep your health levels up? We recommend the Quinoa Salad with BBQ Jerk Chicken from King's Kitchen.

Organising a brainstorm? Feed your colleagues' creativity with the Mixed Dozen sliders from Bite Me Burger Co. Don't forget an order of soft serve classic milkshakes. And for a team lunch with too many different palates, let each one create their own Hawaiian Poke Bowl from Ahi Poké.

The history of eating lunch in London

According to the University of Westminster researchers, the average person takes 15 minutes to eat lunch. But the modern-day lunch as we know it didn't exist before the Middle Ages. Everyone ate in the middle of the day, but it was the main meal and called 'dinner'. Even the origins of the word 'lunch' are unsure. One theory is that it is derived from the word 'nuncheon'. This old Anglo-Saxon word from the late 17th century meant a quick, hand-held snack between meals.

The Industrial Revolution helped to shape today’s lunch. Britain actually became the first country to feed people with industrialised food. Back then, the eating patterns of the middle- and lower class were classified by working hours, which were quite long. This led to many factory workers needing a noon-time break and meal to sustain them. Since there weren’t any gardens in towns and cities to keep pig pens or grow food, workers relied on mass-produced meals. And so pies became one of the first meals sold by stalls outside factories.

This practice of eating a daily meal around noon became the norm. The 19th century saw chop houses opening in cities where office workers had one hour for lunch. But with the war and rationing in 1939, lunch had to evolve. And the most economical way to feed the masses became work-based canteens, which was implemented by schools after the war.

In the post-war era of the 1950s, cafés and luncheon vouchers arrived, and soon food delivery services followed. And judging by the wealth of modern-day catering and delivery experts, it is a trend that keeps getting stronger.

Order lunch for your team with CATERWINGS

With CATERWINGS, every meal order is implemented with precision. That is thanks to our network of catering professionals, menus, fast response rates, and a team on standby 24/7.

  1. Simply enter the date, time, and delivery address of your office lunch. That will allow you to browse the Caterwings site to see our extensive range of cuisines, caterers, menus and dining options. We also include serving sizes, price per item, vegan/vegetarian options, plus allergy info.
  2. Select the menu items you want to include, add them to your basket, and continue browsing or proceed to checkout.
  3. Your order will be sent to the relevant catering team to prepare the food according to our superior specifications. Once ready, delivery will happen at the specified address and time.

As CATERWINGS works with many full-service caterers, we can organise equipment like plates and cutlery, or even service staff for social events. For any last-minute changes to your orders, simply contact Caterwings via email on [email protected] or phone 020 3308 9144.