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Vegan Catering London

Vegan Catering in London

Great news for vegans in London: the city is stocked with caterers committed to the ethical, and environmentally conscious approach to eating.

In simple terms, a vegan is a person who doesn’t eat any animal products. That includes all animal bi-products as well, such as eggs, dairy and honey. And there are many ways to embrace this lifestyle, like avoiding animal-derived materials and products tested on animals. It's all about minimising, and ideally completely removing, the consumption of any animal derived products, or any products that may cause harm to an animal.

Considered a way of living instead of a diet, veganism is a plant-based movement that’s influencing eateries left and right. This makes catering for vegan colleagues and guests much easier in the 21st century. Thus, no more scrambling to find the right platters for a company breakfast or Christmas party. Vegan catering is here to stay, and it is a terrific starting point for a healthy lifestyle.

CATERWINGS vegan options in LONDON

Anybody not familiar with veganism can find it tricky thinking of anything other than carrot sticks or fruit salads. But lots of international cuisines offer a wide range of suitable options. That means it can form part of anything from sushi platters and Lebanese canapés to Hawaiian wraps and pizza

In need of appetising finger foods? Try the Vegetable Spring Rolls with sweet chilli dip from Ekachai.Want some comfort food? Firezza's Carne Vegana pizza will change the way you see plant-based food for ever. Got a sweet tooth? Bad Brownie's Vegan Gluten-Free Salted Caramel Bite ensures you can have your dessert and enjoy it.

Check out Pollen + Grace for a great selection of vegan items including nutritious vegan breakfast pots, lunch boxes and sweet treats. The Athenian also has a great range of souvlaki, or try The Kati Roll Company for roti rolls. The Little Cooking Pot also has a range of fantastic options including the Indian Lunch Box - made up of coconut and cinnamon dahl with spring onions, tandoori roasted broccoli, Bombay sweet potatoes, cucumber and pomegranate salad with peanuts and toasted coconut, mint raita and sesame flatbread. EatFirst is also worth a try, and we recommend their vegan Gluten Free Wrap consisting of Romesco sauce, crushed almonds, avocado, basil and spinach in a gluten free wrap

The history of vegan food in London – and why it’s good for you

For as long as 2,000 years there have been people choosing to avoid animal products. Ancient Greek philosopher Pythagoras is credited as being one of the first followers of a vegetarian diet. In 1806, the earliest concepts of veganism were born. That was when Dr William Lambe and Percy Bysshe Shelley cited ethical reasons for publicly objecting to eggs and dairy.

The father of veganism is Donald Watson. In November 1944, the English animal rights advocate called a meeting. Together with five other non-dairy vegetarians, he founded a new movement. And its name was ‘vegan’, a word which contains the first three and last two letters of ‘vegetarian’.

Various factors are responsible for veganism’s rise in London. One is residents’ desire for fresh, health-boosting meals. Another is the fact that many consider London to be the food capital of the world. This makes sense when one considers its rich collection of foreign cultures and cuisines. And don’t forget Londoners’ bold tastes and love for new and innovative flavours.

From animal welfare and social media to Michellin-starred chefs, there’s a wealth of reasons why people are adopting this holistic lifestyle. Health plays another role. Focusing on organic ingredients, vegans are avoiding potentially harmful chemicals and toxins. It is also a lighter alternative, meaning people avoid that post-lunch slump. And vegan options also suit all dietary requirements like lactose intolerance or religious restrictions regarding meat.

The history of vegan food in London – and why it’s good for you

Organising a catered event is much easier when working with professionals. That is where CATERWINGS comes in. With our expert caterers, menus, fast response rates, and 24/7 standby team, we are your one-stop shop for any dining occasion.

Placing an order, vegan or otherwise, couldn’t be easier.

1. Simply enter the date, time, and delivery address of your business/private event. That will allow you to browse the CATERWINGS site to see our extensive range of cuisines, caterers, menus and dining options. We also include serving sizes, price per item, vegan/vegetarian options, plus allergy info.

2. Select the menu items you want to include, add them to your basket, and continue browsing or proceed to checkout.

3. Your order will be sent to the relevant catering team to prepare the food according to our superior specifications. Once ready, delivery will happen at the specified address and time.

As CATERWINGS works with many full-service caterers, we can organise equipment like plates and cutlery, or even service staff for your event.

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