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Vegan Catering London

Vegan Catering in London

Veganism is the fastest-growing diet choice in the UK. A lifestyle rather than a diet, this plant-based food movement looks to be here to stay and luckily, new eateries are catching on every day. London is now home to world-class vegan restaurants and this high standard is filtering down into all areas of gastronomy. Ordering catering for vegans can be tricky; although most caterers offer vegetarian options, many don't go full vegan. This means it can be be a hassle to check ingredients or to request an alternate menu. But fear not! We have lots of vegan catering options to choose from right at your fingertips and ensure your event goes without a hitch.

What is a vegan?

Put simply, being a vegan means that you don't eat any animal products. While most vegetarians eliminate only meat and fish, vegans do not eat any animal bi-products at all. This means no eggs, dairy or even honey. It is also often referred to as a plant-based diet.

What vegan options can a buffet offer?

When first considering a vegan buffet option, it can be difficult to think of anything more exciting than a fruit salad or carrot sticks. However, many international cuisines offer a huge range of suitable options without you even noticing! Much Indian, Middle Eastern and Asian food is already basically vegan. Here are some options to get you started.

  • Vegan curry
  • Sushi platters
  • Vegetable stir fries with rice or noodles
  • Canapés
  • Vegan pizza
  • Falafel wraps

Check out Pollen + Grace for a great selection of Vegan items Casa Ranieri for the best of both worlds. Pollen + Grace offers nutritious vegan breakfast pots, lunch boxes and sweet treats. Casa Ranieri has lots of healthy dishes with or without meat, and even vegan desserts such as berry & coconut crumble! The Athenian also has a great range of souvlaki or try The Kati Roll Company for roti rolls.

Suggested Menu

Little Cooking Pot Indian Lunch Box - coconut & cinnamon dahl with spring onions, tandoori roasted broccoli, Bombay sweet potatoes, cucumber & pomegranate salad with peanuts and toasted coconut, mint raita and sesame flatbread (£7.50pp)

EatFirst Vegan Gluten Free Wrap - Romesco sauce, crushed almonds, avocado, basil and spinach in a gluten free wrap (£9.00pp)

Tip! If you are having different types of food at your event, it is a good idea to label the vegan options. This avoids any confusion and people can get stuck in straight away.

Benefits of ordering vegan

There are many benefits of ordering vegan! It is widely considered to be a very healthy and nutritious diet, packed with superfoods and free from animal products. Veganism often focusses on using organic ingredients so you are also avoiding potentially harmful chemicals and toxins. It is usually lighter than regular food and full of energising elements, meaning the post-lunch slump can be avoided! Vegan options also suit almost all dietary requirements such as lactose intolerance, vegetarians or religious restrictions regarding meat. This means it can be a convenient way to feed a mixed group! It can also work out much less expensive, as the price of meat is eliminated. You can choose to go all-in with a fully vegan catering company or simply choose vegan options in addition to your regular order.

Here at Caterwings we have lots of caterers suitable for your every need. We have selected some vegan packages on this page for your convenience, or you can browse the menus at your leisure and create your own. If you have any questions about planning your event, don’t hesitate to contact our Butler service on [email protected] Happy eating!