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Take a look at the fantastic selection of food trucks and pop-up restaurant caterers that we regularly work with in London.

5 Tips For Booking a Food Truck or Pop-Up

What should you keep in mind when booking a food truck of pop-up? Are there concerns and conditions that need to be addressed? 
We've compiled 5 helpful tips below for you to reference when booking food trucks and pop-ups in London.

  1. The Budget – Keep in mind the the overall cost of booking a food truck can be higher than regular catering such as a buffet.
  2. The Location – It’s vital to choose the right location to ensure that the truck/pop-up and guests have enough space. The size of trucks varies from 3-7m long, 2-3m wide and 2.5-4m high. There can also be formalities to deal with on public land, so private properties tend to be the best locations.
  3. The Access Points – Ensure that there are suitable power and water connections. Many trucks, for example, require a high-current connection (16A).
  4. The Guests – The more guests, the more taste preferences and dietary requirements to cater to. Before booking, enquire about all needs. Even better, order vegan and vegetarian dishes as part of the mix. In this case dairy-free and lactose intolerant guests are also taken care of.
  5. The Booking – Food trucks and pop-ups are becoming increasingly popular. Particularly during the high season, you should book roughly 4 weeks ahead because they get snapped up quickly.
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